About World of Discovery Media LLC

Petra, Jordan

World of Discovery Media LLC is a media company that includes the travel blog Living the Dream, local Pittsburgh blog Discover the Burgh, and coffee blog Doctor of Coffee.

Living the Dream

Havana, Cuba

Living the Dream is an international travel and lifestyle design blog that features destination content marketing (75+ countries featured to date), travel blogging advice, and general lifestyle design articles for those seeking digital independence to live a life full of travel.

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Discover the Burgh

Pittsburgh in winter

Discover the Burgh is a Pittsburgh blog that focuses on all things to do in the city as well as southwest Pennsylvania. Featured topics include museums, attractions, restaurants, bars and breweries, parks, day trips, and more. To date Discover the Burgh has featured over 1,000 things to do in Pittsburgh.

Top Post Examples:

Doctor of Coffee

Doctor of Coffee

Doctor of Coffee is a new coffee blog launched in early 2020.

The Grape Pursuit

The Grape Pursuit

The Grape Pursuit is a new wine blog launched in early 2020.

About Jeremy

Jeremy at Everest Base Camp

Jeremy Jones is the owner of World of Discovery Media LLC, a full-time travel blogger, and has been publishing content online for more than 10 years. He is a member of NATJA and SATW, is an award-winning photographer (NATJA Bronze), has been awarded the WSET Level 2 certification in wine (with distinction), and is currently studying for his WSET Level 3 certification.

Jeremy has visited 74 countries, on five continents, and can be found exploring Pittsburgh or a far off destination every week of the year. He likes adventure travel, exploring off-beat destinations, enjoying regional culinary (and libation) specialties, and helping others do the same!

Some of Jeremy’s favorite experiences include trekking to Everest Base Camp, visiting Easter Island, exploring Mauritius, hiking in Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland), marveling at the Great Wall of China, traveling South America tip-to-tip by bus, and climbing Dune 45 in Namibia to name a few.

Jeremy is available for FAM trips, freelancing (photography / writing), SEO services, content writing, brand development, and more. For all inquiries, check out our contact page.